Unity Sand Vase Set

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If you're looking for vases to commemorate your unity sand wedding ceremony, consider this beautiful three-vase set. The bride and groom vases feature a heart symbol at the base and the main vase sits elegantly between the two side vases. The set will add a unique and romantic touch to your wedding ceremony altar and guests will love being treated to this non-traditional, but just as significant observance. More importantly, you and your significant other will enjoy participating in the unity sand ritual that is rich in symbolism, and you'll have a charming memento to cherish for years to come.


  • Set includes a main vase (8.25"h x 2.75"w) and two side vases (9.5"h x 1.625"w)
  • Main vase holds 14 ounces of sand while side vases hold 7 ounces of sand each
  • Sand NOT included

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