30 Unique Wedding Cascading Bouquet Designs

October 04, 2017

30 Unique Wedding Cascading Bouquet Designs

Cascading bouquets are a timeless wedding staple, dating back to the 1920s and 30s before it surged back into popularity after Princess Diana’s wedding. The artful arrangement continues to be present in weddings today for its natural yet organized approach.  If you prefer the dramatic trail and wide assortment of a cascading bouquet, check out these unique cascading bridal bouquet designs.

1.  Oversized Boho Bouquetoversized bouquet

Stuffing the cascading bouquet from the top lets the arrangement shine and balance out the leaves or plants falling down to the ground.

2.  All Out

big cascading bouquet
Image by JoPhoto from Style Me Pretty

If you’ve been dreaming of a wedding exactly like Princess Di’s, then don’t hold back on the cascading bouquet’s length and assortment.

3.  A Common Color

similar color bouquet

There’s an understated in elegance in maintaining a consistent hue in your arrangement. Explore a variation of one hue in your cascading bouquet’s flowers.

4.  A Darker Take

Victorian inspired bouquet

Bouquets don’t always have to be bright or filled with color. Explore some darker shades in flowers and let the combination give your wedding that Victorian-inspired twist.

5.  Bright and Bold

bright and bold bouquet

If you love making a statement with bold colors, a cascading wedding bouquet filled with roses could be the one you’re looking for.

6.  Go Green

green cascading bouquet

Flowers don’t have to be the star of your cascading bouquet. Let the leaves and other green plants come together to reveal a unique but classic looking bouquet.

7.  Woodland Wonder

woodland inspired bouquet

Woodland wedding bouquets are a hot trend for spring or summer weddings. Instead of adorning flowers with leaves, try mixing the cascading bouquet up with some pine cones or berries.

8.  Awesome Orchids

orchids cascading bouquet
The modern bride may want to look out of the box and have the untypical flower arranged in her own cascading bridal bouquet. Orchids are exotic enough while also offering the varied size and color suited to any kind of taste.

9.  Holiday Theme

Christmas cascading bouquet

Weddings aren’t limited to an all white or motif-based color theme. Even flowers like peonies, roses, and tulips can be arranged to form a Christmas themed cascading bouquet.

10.  Compare and Contrast

multicolored bouquet

Image by Shauna Veasey from The Knot

If you don’t want the usual greens and bright colors to come together, maybe combining an assortment of colors works best for your big day. Play with contrasts between yellow and red, while green can only play a minor role.

11.  Rose Gold Inspiration

rose gold cascading bouquet

Rose gold may be last year’s pantone of the year, but it continues to inspire different designs and wedding themes. The 2016 pantone’s light and neutral shade is the perfect inspiration for a cascading bridal bouquet.

12.  Daring, Not Dull

Bright colors and greenery need not be the main elements of your cascading bouquet. This modern take on the bouquet uses quiet colors that come together to provide a classic look.

13.  One Hue

 oversized cascading bouquet

If you’re set on the wedding sticking to your motif, then your cascading bridal bouquet should follow suit. Consult your florist on what flowers share that one color and see how they can come together in your bouquet.

14.  For the Fall

fall themed bouquet

If summer and spring aren’t your favorite seasons and winter is just too cold, maybe your wedding should be in fall. Your cascading bridal bouquet can easily match with that time of the year.

15.  Dessert Inspired

dessert inspired bouquet

Succulents have become a staple in homes, and they could also be the star of your cascading bouquet’s show. Instead of having flowers dominate the arrangement, see how succulents of different shapes and sizes can be put together.

16.  A Different Take

white roses with amaranthus bouquet

Image by Kristen Weaver Photography from Inside Weddings

Cascading bouquets don’t have to be “dripping” with flowers and leaves. This arrangement surrounds white roses with amaranthus to give the bouquet that cascading effect.

17.  Bigger is Better

large flowers bouquet

Keep the arrangement simple yet focused with a cascading bridal bouquet made up of large flowers. This style also works for those who want either neutral or bold colors.

18.  All Out

cascading bouquet with ribbons

If you don’t mind the cascading bouquet covering a portion of your dress, an oversized arrangement that goes sidewards rather than down can add that much needed flair.

19.  Vintage Glam

peacock feather glam bouquet 

Wheat, berries, and ribbons aren’t the only accessories that can transform a cascading bridal bouquet. Check out how this arrangement artfully places feathers to achieve a vintage glam design.

20.  Romantic Bliss

romantic bouquet

If you want to keep things simple yet amp up the romance on your big day, go for light, pastel-colored flowers in your cascading bridal bouquet. Have the greens or leaves trail down to achieve that waterfall effect.

21.  Single Flower Bouquet

Flower Picture Gallery

The waterfall bouquet can also be achieved with just one flower and other elements trailing down.

22.  Pops of Color

colorful cascading bouquet 

This arrangement combines the calming effect of greens but balances the dominant hue with dark pops of color.

23.  Cascade Out Effect

 cascade out bouquet

Image by Erich McVey from Martha Stewart Weddings

If the waterfall bouquet isn’t for you, then maybe having the flowers and other plants cascade out is the better arrangement. You could also have ribbons trail down instead of using leaves.

24.  Ultimate Color Play

very colorful bouquet

Image by Lara Hotz from Ruffled Blog

Bright colors need not be limited to one type of flower. Don’t be afraid to put together bright reds, oranges, yellows, blues, and violets into your cascading bridal bouquet.

25.  Wear it White

white cascading bouquet

Image by Logan Cole from Brides

If your wedding will happen in a desert area, this wild bouquet made up of orchids, jasmine, tuberoses, ferns, lotus seeds, and hellebores are inspired by such a location.

26.  A Rainbow Bouquet

rainbow bouquet

If you can’t decide on a few colors in your cascading bridal bouquet, why not have the rainbow inspire the arrangement?

27.  Personalized Approach

landscape colors inspired bouquet

Don’t be afraid to personalize each and every aspect of your wedding. If the theme is taking off from specific landscape hues like white and red, then have your florist arrange plants bearing those colors.

28.  A Light Touch

spring colored bouquet


If bright colors or pastel shades aren’t to your liking, maybe the cascading bouquet can play on hues found in watercolor palettes.

29.  A Tropical Take

tropical bouquet

The tropics are home to a colorful array of flowers not found in most Western countries. For a truly unique cascading bouquet, have the florist take inspiration from that side of the world.

30.  Add an Accessory

Alice in Wonderland bouquet
Image by Christophe Mortier from French Wedding Style

Feathers and ribbons aren’t the only accessories that can spice up your bouquet. Don’t be afraid to add elements specific to your theme, like this watch for an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding.

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