Trendy and Timeless Getting Ready Outfits for Bridesmaids

September 29, 2017

Trendy and Timeless Getting Ready Outfits for Bridesmaids

Every young girl dreams of walking down the aisle and marrying the man of her dreams, but brides also can’t wait to gather her girlfriends and get ready with them on that big day. Here are some fun and elegant bridesmaids getting ready outfits brides should consider for the much-awaited prep. 


Floral Robes

floral robes

By Renee Sprink Photography via Inside Weddings

Worried about you and the girls’ hair and makeup getting ruined? Have your bridesmaids wear matching floral robes as you’re all getting ready before the ceremony. Brides can stand out in white while the rest of the entourage match outfits in elegant floral patterns.


A Total Match

matching bridesmaids getting ready outfits

By Arte De Vie via Wedding Wire

You won’t have to worry about unflattering colors and minor complaints if you have everyone wear the same hue. Maybe push for your motif’s main color or have the bridesmaids wear neutral shades like nude. Whether they’re wearing blue or black robes, having them match in one color spares you of any complaints.


Settle in Some Silk

Silk robes

By Ashley Shutter Photography via Wedding Forward

Make your girlfriends feel right at home in luxurious silk robes. The material will keep everyone comfortable as they go through preps. At the same time, it’s a robe they can all use even after the wedding.


Create Complete Comfort

fuzzy robes for bridesmaids

By Oldani Photography via Bridal Guide

Is a silk robe too fancy for your friends’ dynamic? How about keeping it casual with some fuzzy robes. Not only are they soft on the skin but they’ll also maintain that relaxed vibe you’ll all need before the big ceremony.


Matching Pajamas

bridesmaids pajamas

By Jacqui Cole via Wedding Party App

Want to give your prep a sleepover feel? Have your bridesmaids wear matching button-down pajamas. No need to worry about a color clash as most pajamas look best in neutral shades. You can even personalize each pajama top with the bridesmaid’s initials.


Keep It Simple

matching shirts for bridesmaids

By Allison Kuhn Photography via Style Me Pretty

For a no fuss set of outfits, you could also have the bridesmaids wear long matching shirts. Each shirt could be personalized with your group’s name or the role of each bridesmaid. Either way, you make sure the entourage has something to wear and remember for that special day.


bridesmaids tanks

photo via Praise Wedding

Want to have photos that capture a modern-day trend? Have them don athletic tanks as a top and pair those bridesmaids getting ready shirts with some cute shorts. Adding fun statements like “Bridal Squad” or “Team Bride” on the shirt would make the tank even more memorable for everyone.


Buttoned Down Tops

buttoned down shirts

By Barbara Covington Photography via Wedding Wishes

If robes feel a bit too fancy and athletic tanks far too casual, buttoned-down men’s shirts are a good middle ground. The loose size keeps all the girls comfy but the shirt type isn’t too casual for a formal occasion. The bridesmaids need not worry either about ruining their hair and makeup as they get ready.


A Rustic Approach

flannel shirts

By Anne Lee Photography via Wedding Chicks

If loose buttoned down shirts look a little too informal, maybe flannel shirts are more within your style. Flannel shirts are perfect for the fall or for areas with cold weather. You can opt to personalize them at the back or keep the design as it is for the girls to keep.


Warm and Toasty Hoodies

bridesmaids hoodies

photo via Wedding Bee

Some weddings are scheduled in the fall or even winter. Matching hoodies are a smart but stylish way to keep all your bridesmaids warm as they get ready. The girls can bring leggings or yoga pants of their own to match the given hoodie.


Dress Them Up

bridesmaids getting ready dresses

By Nyk + Cali Photography via Regalo Design

If matching robes and pajamas seem too cheesy, why not have the ladies wear elegant dresses? You can have them wear pastel colored or floral sundresses. If your girls prefer a longer number, maxi dresses are another fashionable alternative.


Roll Out the Rompers

rompers for bridesmaids

By Cory Kendra Photography via Inspired by This

If you want things a little more casual but still chic, rompers also make for great bridesmaids getting ready outfits. Off shoulder rompers will definitely make all the girls look sexy and stylish. You can match all their outfits in one color or make the colors vary, depending on your preference.


Additional Accessories

bridesmaids slippers

By Elizabeth Messina Photography via Style Me Pretty

Outfits aren’t the only thing to match during the prep. You could also customize bedroom slippers or have all the girls wear similar sandals that go with the chosen bridesmaids getting ready outfit. Personalizing each slipper or shoe could definitely make each girl feel a little more special.

Bridesmaids are a big part of the wedding and having fun getting ready outfits will make them feel appreciated. With so many trendy and timeless ideas out there, you’re sure to find a set that will fit everyone’s taste. Don’t be afraid to consult the girls too, if you’re hesitant about the options.

Featured image by: Davina + Daniel via The Celebration Society

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