Think Out of the Box for Your Wedding Card Box

October 09, 2017

Think Out of the Box for Your Wedding Card Box

 A good number of guests will want to give their best wishes in a wedding card. You don’t want to miss out on the messages your loved ones have to say, but you won’t have time to gather all those cards yourself. Here are some out of the box wedding card box ideas that will instantly catch your guest’s attention, ensuring that everyone leaves their card before or after the big affair.

In the Mail

wedding card mailbox

Image by Kina Wicks from Ruffled Blog

Forego the box structure all together and have your guests leave you the cards like letters in the mail. Your guests surely won’t miss this unique wedding box before they enter the reception venue or while taking photos during the event. You could even keep the mailbox as part of your new home’s decor.


Vintage Decor for a Vintage Item

vintage suitcase for wedding cards

Image by Sarah Tew Photography from Bridal Guide

If you want to use an old vintage suitcase for your wedding card box, decorate the case to further the throwback theme. This suitcase is decorated with old images from New York. If New York isn’t your go-to city, consider other cities known for their vintage architecture like Chicago.


A Bucket List

bucket for wedding cards

Crazy for Us

Instead of a box-shaped alternative, consider a large bucket that makes wedding card collection easy for you and your guests. This wooden bucket not only accommodates more than enough cards for a large wedding but also sports an aesthetic perfect for a country or rustic wedding.


Basket of Love

wedding cards in basket

Best Days Ever

Buckets as a wedding card box aren’t the only alternative for a country themed wedding. A basket still ties in with a rustic aesthetic, while coming in colors that could match all kinds of decor. This basket uses floral elements to liven up its looks.


Cage Up the Cards

 bird cage for wedding cards

Image by Paul Francis Photography from Fab Mood

Weddings that want to keep every aspect classic and romantic can use a bird cage instead of the usual wedding reception card boxes. This alternative can also be the centerpiece at the wedding’s gift table. Adding some candles and flowers even adds more to the fairytale-like mood


A Simpler Style

glass wedding card box

Image from Spread Love Events

A minimalist design can keep things clean and sleek at your wedding, as seen in the use of this glass box. Veer away from the usual DIY hat boxes or stacked boxes and find cases made from other materials. You can also keep this glass box to collect other items in the future.


Keep It Small

wire crate for wedding cards

Crazy for Us

If you prefer the wedding card box to be arranged artfully with other props, you could use a small wire rack placed strategically before the reception venue entrance. A simple chalkboard label will direct your guests to drop the cards accordingly before joining you for the festivities.


For the Music Lovers

guitar case with wedding cards

Wedding Bee

Couples that are musicians or share a deep love for music can use a guitar case as their wedding card box. You could easily use your hubby’s or your own guitar case to cut on costs.

The top of the case can sport the label, leaving enough space in the lower part for guests to throw in their wishes.


Part of the Props

glass candle holder

Image by Stephanie N. Baker Photography from Bridal Guide

If you’re planning to set the romantic mood with a lot of candles, why not use a glass candle holder to store all those wedding cards? These candle holders come in designs perfect for minimalist weddings or receptions with neutral colored motifs.


A Customized “Box”

customized mail burlap for wedding cards

Mon Cheri Bridals

If you still want the “you’ve got mail” effect but sans the mailbox, why not have someone collect all the cards in a large, customized mail sack? The size is perfect for large weddings. Plus you can buy a sack that you can customize according to the wedding’s details.


Geek Out

TARDIS box for wedding cards

The Wedding Forum

Fans of Star Wars or the show Dr. Who can customize their wedding box according to characters or items specific to the franchise. As seen above, you could DIY or have someone design you a wedding box in the shape of TARDIS. Alternatively, your wedding box could be in the shape of R2D2 or even BB8.

Wedding reception card boxes aren’t limited to the said object. It’s important to plan around and according to your wedding’s chosen theme and see how that case will fit with the rest of the decor. Don’t be afraid to play around with the craziest or most classic ideas.

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