10 Easy Ways to Use Rose Gold in Your Wedding Decor

September 18, 2017

10 Easy Ways to Use Rose Gold in Your Wedding Decor

Rose gold exudes a quiet elegance, not to mention a classic romantic vibe. The marriage of shiny gold and sweet pink results to a glamorous hue perfect for a wedding. It’s great as an overall theme or for accent pieces. If you’ve been meaning to use rose gold wedding decor but don’t know how, here are easy ways to use the color.


1. Backdrop



Picture this: you and your new spouse in front of a romantic backdrop, staring at each other’s eyes longingly while saying your vows. It’s an image you’d want to relive and reminisce about. Make sure you have the perfect setting for it. Opt for a rose gold wedding backdrop.

You can do it so many ways depending on your wedding theme. Go for a modern take and use garlands. Looking for something a bit more rustic? Ribbons would do the trick.

You can also go the simple route and stick with a plain backdrop or give it a bit of texture by opting for sequins. The backdrop can be great for photo booths, too.


2. Florals


While it’s hard to find a flower in a color that’s a perfect match to rose gold, you can still get inspired by the color by mixing florals in blush and cream or muted yellow. Add a rose gold ribbon to tie up your bouquet or use lace to add texture. Wrap your bouquet in rose gold paper. Why not also take a cue from the color’s name and look for a rose in a similar shade?


3. Place cards

Place cards

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Rose gold is a great color for dishware. But if you have a tight budget, using the color on your place cards will deliver the same effect. Have your guests’ names written in black ink for a nice contrast.


4. Centerpieces

Center pieces

by Tracy Brown Photography via Munaluchi Bridal

The vintage feel of rose gold in mercury glasses is great for a traditional wedding, but it can also go well with a country or rustic theme. Use vases or votives of different shapes and sizes and adorn them with white and blush flowers to make the rose gold stand out.


5. Cake


by Jonathan Ryder Photography via One Fab Day

For a cake that looks too pretty to eat, use this majestic color. Make sure you don’t go overboard though because the cake might look tacky. Try going for stripes on a white cake or use rose gold leaf, flowers or geometric shapes as accent pieces for an eye-catching dessert.


6. Candles


by 5ive15ifteen Photo Company via Wed Luxe

Tie a rose gold ribbon around the candles for a romantic touch. If you can, try getting a candle in a blush shade and add on a gold touch. You can also go for candle holders and glasses for a timeless, elegant look.


7. Linen


Weddings For Less Blog

Ready to go full-on glam? Give your tables, chairs, and napkins a diva-like treatment Mariah Carey would approve of by using rose gold and sequins. Give it a nice contrast by adding in neutral-colored elements for dishware and florals or go an extra mile by pairing the color with another metal hue like silver or gold.


8. Lights


Foster Fotography

When we think of weddings, we often think of a chandelier as the focal point of the venue. But why not opt for something a bit more modern? Pick a venue that has neutral walls — think beige, cream or white — and ask if you can have a few lighting fixtures installed.

Rose gold lighting fixtures are eye-catching, especially when they come in interesting shapes. Among the popular ones right now are geometric and dome styles. Aside from that, the warmth of the color complements wood well; it’s also great when paired with white or anything neutral. String lights are also a great option.


9. Desserts


Hi Miss Puff

Some things in a wedding tend to get overlooked, but paying attention to tiny details can do so much in the overall look of your wedding. All eyes focus on the cake, but desserts, especially those that do not only satisfy the sweet tooth but also look exquisite, should get more attention. Give your guests a visual experience before they indulge in the decadence of your dessert.

Mix rose gold treats with champagne and blush for a merry-looking offering. Unlike the cake, think small when it comes to dessert. Panna cotta, macarons, cake pops and cookies are just a few options.


10. Favors


Let your guests leave your wedding with something that they’ll treasure and remember you by.  Playing cards, a geometric candle holder, and key fobs — all in rose gold, of course —  are just some of the things you can gift them with for sharing your special day.

Are you getting hitched soon? Would you consider a rose gold wedding? Let us know!

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